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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Winter’s Hidden Danger

It may have been a long time coming this year, but a bone-cold winter is finally upon us.  Frosted car windows, snow-laden rooftops, iced pavement, and even frostbite are all things to worry about once again.  Amidst these concerns, however, we mustn’t forget a more subtle danger of the season.  Carbon monoxide, or CO, is… Read more »

Carbon Monoxide – the silent killer

Recently, in Whitefield, an 80 year old man and a 79 year old woman were found unconscious due to carbon monoxide poisoning. On Christmas Eve, a gentleman in Knox died because of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Carbon Monoxide is invisible, odorless and colorless and deadly.  According to the Nation Fire Protection Association, “During 2006-2010, an estimated… Read more »