Secure and Protect Your Business

Cunningham Security offers state-of-the-art theft detection systems and monitoring from Honeywell. When triggered, our continuously monitored systems will identify the exact point of alarm instantly, and signal our central station which offers among the fastest response times in the industry.

Learn more about commercial theft detection for your Maine business.

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Maine commercial alarm systems prevent burglary


Early detection and rapid response

Our strong working relationships with local authorities set Cunningham Security apart, and working in concert, we’ll design the commercial fire detection system that is right for you and your business. Available services include smoke detection, heat detection, manual fire alarm stations, code compliance inspection and testing, as well as sprinkler supervision and monitoring.

Learn more about commercial fire alarm systems from Cunningham Security.

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Commercial fire alarm systems in Maine


Observation and deterrence with Closed Circuit TV

Security cameras and video surveillance systems often deter crime by their presence, silently standing guard over retail floors, common areas, parking lots, and building perimeters. Should an incident occur, a high quality video surveillance system from Cunningham Security will provide the best opportunity to identify the perpetrators.

Learn more about a custom closed circuit TV system for your business.

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CCTV security systems for Maine commercial security

Access Control

Secured entry and passage with building access control

Reject unauthorized personnel entry and admittance with a custom access control system from Cunningham Security. Whether it’s one door or one hundred, simple or sophisticated, we offer several choices of easy to use yet capable systems, along with select vendors to assist with the installation of the appropriate door hardware to suit your needs and budget.

Learn more about a custom access control system for your system.

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Commercial access control systems for Maine businesses


Safe and economical

Ensure your work environment is safe, secure and efficient with Cunningham Security’s optional services including; combustible gas detection, low temperature monitoring, high water sensing, carbon monoxide detection, and much more.

Learn more about commercial environmental hazard protection.

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Commercial environmental monitoring for carbon monoxide, low temperature, gas leaks and high water