Early Fire Detection System and Rapid Response

Maine Business fire detection and alarm systemsThirty percent of all businesses that experience a fire event go out of business within one year. Early fire detection and notification can mean the difference between catching the fire early, and losing everything you’ve worked for.

Detection and Notification

Inside your business or within any commercial structure, Cunningham Security’s smoke and heat detectors will provide immediate notification to our central monitoring station, which will contact your local fire department so you don’t have to. Simultaneously, our business fire alarm systems give instant notification which alerts the occupants of the building to the presence of smoke and/or fire.

Our commercial fire alarm systems can also provide Emergency Voice Alarm Communication (EVAC) that provide recorded voice instructions or even live, “real time” directions to occupants, often in two or more languages, moving occupants along specific routes to safety.


  • Notify occupants early enough to ensure everyone exits the property safely
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Shows your employees you care about them and your business