Safe and Economical

Temperature Monitoring System

Frozen pipes, and the resulting water damage that occurs, is very expensive and disruptive. Temperature monitoring has become an extremely popular product for businesses, providing critical early warning to prevent or minimize property damage. With an affordable system from Cunningham Security in place, you can be assured of early warning if your building’s heat source is compromised. These systems can consist of one or more temperature sensors as a standalone measure or as an add-on to existing intrusion detection or fire detection systems.


  • Saves money and/or sensitive product by alerting of high/low temperatures
  • Can prevent insured or uninsured losses by providing early detection

High Water

Water is one of the most damaging forces of nature, and failure of a water line, pump, hose or drain can compromise your business’ documents, records, equipment and the workspace itself. As with temperature monitoring, high-water alarms are available as a standalone system or as an add on to an existing security system. At Cunningham Security, we offer many different types of high water alarms and sensors, each design to monitor specific spaces within your building and provide you the peace of mind you need when your business is unoccupied.


  • Detecting water leaks early can be the difference between an isolated incident and a catastrophic one
  • Early detection can prevent unwanted mold
  • Keeps insurance rates lower by having environmental detection systems

Combustible Gas Detection

With the increased usage of natural gas and liquid propane for heating and appliances, there have been more occurrences of fire and even explosions resulting from small leaks that can occur in those systems. Combustible gas detectors from Cunningham Security constantly test the air for the presence of harmful or dangerous gasses, ready to trigger the alarm if the level of these substances reach hazardous levels.


  • Early detection of combustible gas
  • Automatically notifies the appropriate authorities
  • 24 Hour monitoring

Sprinkler Monitoring

Commercial fire protection sprinkler systems are monitored very much the same as any intrusion or fire alarm system, utilizing control technology which monitors a series of flow and pressure switches as well as tamper switches for the gate valves. If a valve is turned, or if pressure in the system drops, or if water flows past a switch, the alarm panel notifies our central station immediately and the Cunningham team contacts the designated responders.


  • 24 Hour monitoring of the pressure in the sprinkler system
  • Will notify the appropriate persons if there is a threatening change in the sprinkler system that could go unnoticed if it is not monitored
  • Always know that every component of your safety system is working properly

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