Staying Connected, Sensing Danger, and Saving Money

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide detectors prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the homev“Our house filled with carbon monoxide last nite, and if you hadn’t recommended we install a Carbon Monoxide detector, my family would have never woken up this morning…” — Cunningham Customer, Phil W. of South Portland

According to the Center for Disease Control, carbon monoxide poisoning is a contributing factor in over 15 thousand deaths each year. The danger from this silent killer can be effectively mitigated with a professionally installed and monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector from Cunningham Security.

  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Immediate phone contact from our monitoring team
  • Rapid dispatch of the Fire Department /security personnel
  • Occupant notification

Remember! Carbon Monoxide detectors only have a 5 year life span so if yours are older; please replace them as soon as possible. If you need help replacing them, please give us a call.

High Water

Water leak alarm and high water sensor for Maine homes“Our hot water heater sprung a leak — but the high water sensor caught it before the leak completely flooded our finished basement; ruining our family room, our irreplaceable photo albums and all our furniture…” — Cunningham Customer, Mike M. of Raymond

We never know when one of our home’s water lines, hoses, pumps or drains will fail, and water in the wrong places can cause tremendous damage. Adding a home water leak sensor from Cunningham Security is a simple and effective method of guarding against disasters like flooded basements, laundry rooms, baths and kitchens.

  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Immediate Notification

Remember! The water supply hoses to your washing machine should be replaced every 5 years. Call Cunningham today to help prevent your home from flooding.

Low Temperature

Low temperature sensors prevent pipes from freezing at home“I have to thank you for recommending we install a low temperature sensor in our home. I was in Florida for the winter when one day the low temp alarm went off. Thanks to you, I was able to get someone there to get the heat back on before our house froze solid…” –Cunningham Customer, James D. of Falmouth

As Mainers, we’re all accustomed to the mercury dropping outside, and we have to take special care to ensure it doesn’t drop inside too. Winter storms causing power outages and heating system failures are all too common, so it makes good sense to install a low temperature sensor and monitoring system from Cunningham Security.

  • 24 Hour Monitoring
  • Immediate Notification

Remember! Service your heating system every year to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency, save fuel, and guard against parts or system failures. Call Cunningham today to help prevent frozen pipes in the home.