That’s what they tell you. But if you read the contract, then you find out the rest of the story. Today I was handed an 8 page contract from a national company to read. In addition to being more than shocked by what I read, I also felt a great sense of pride in working for Cunningham Security and the transparency in how we operate.

It’s only $99! No it isn’t. The equipment costs what it costs and the labor to install the equipment does not go away. The work around is to take the cost of the equipment, charge higher monitoring and lock the customer into a long term contract to recover the original cost. The only thing is that the monitoring never goes down.

We do offer a $99.00 system and it does come with a 39 month contract. But after 39 months, your monitoring reduces to the current monitoring charge for cellular transmissions. Yes, your monitoring goes down.

We know that not everyone can afford to put up the money for a security system but we believe that everyone should be able to have the peace of mind of having a security system. We just offer a way to make it a more manageable cost.