Ahhh, technology.  What did we do before Smartphones??

So you have a security system and it is exactly what you wanted…sort of. You don’t want to take time off to let the plumber in the house. You wonder when the kids got home from school. Are they behaving? Not getting into stuff they shouldn’t? The cellular transmitter you installed has made all of this available to you.

You can log into your account and see sensor activity like the system being disarmed. You can even get text notifications. A brief glance at your phone lets you know that life is under control!

Remember the plumber?  Instead of giving him your code to disarm the system, you can remotely disarm your system with a click from your phone.

Can’t remember if you armed your system? Done!

Is there power at the house?  Done!

Are the kids snooping in the area where the holiday gifts are stored?  Done!

Your system is there to make you safer in your home, let us help you feel more in control of it- even when you can’t be there.

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Now if you could just see if the plow guy came….. Oh wait, you can!