It’s only $99!

That’s what they tell you. But if you read the contract, then you find out the rest of the story. Today I was handed an 8 page contract from a national company to read. In addition to being more than shocked by what I read, I also felt a great sense of pride in working for Cunningham Security and the transparency in how we operate.

It’s only $99! No it isn’t. The equipment costs what it costs and the labor to install the equipment does not go away. The work around is to take the cost of the equipment, charge higher monitoring and lock the customer into a long term contract to recover the original cost. The only thing is that the monitoring never goes down.

We do offer a $99.00 system and it does come with a 39 month contract. But after 39 months, your monitoring reduces to the current monitoring charge for cellular transmissions. Yes, your monitoring goes down.

We know that not everyone can afford to put up the money for a security system but we believe that everyone should be able to have the peace of mind of having a security system. We just offer a way to make it a more manageable cost.

Security and the Smartphone

Ahhh, technology.  What did we do before Smartphones??

So you have a security system and it is exactly what you wanted…sort of. You don’t want to take time off to let the plumber in the house. You wonder when the kids got home from school. Are they behaving? Not getting into stuff they shouldn’t? The cellular transmitter you installed has made all of this available to you.

You can log into your account and see sensor activity like the system being disarmed. You can even get text notifications. A brief glance at your phone lets you know that life is under control!

Remember the plumber?  Instead of giving him your code to disarm the system, you can remotely disarm your system with a click from your phone.

Can’t remember if you armed your system? Done!

Is there power at the house?  Done!

Are the kids snooping in the area where the holiday gifts are stored?  Done!

Your system is there to make you safer in your home, let us help you feel more in control of it- even when you can’t be there.

For a demonstration, Click here

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Now if you could just see if the plow guy came….. Oh wait, you can!

8 Additions to Your Home Security System

I want to get a security system…. Now what?

A security system can be as simple as door contacts on the perimeter doors and motion detectors to cover larger areas. However, as technology has advanced, security systems have advanced as well!

  1. Motion detectors. Now offer pet immunity so your pets can be out during the day and you can still have the protection you want, for you as well as them!
  2. Door contacts – can be recessed in the door frame and be invisible and still secure!
  3. Sirens – interior, exterior, sirens with strobes.  You name it, we can install it!Cunningham Security Systems Total Connect Smart Phone
  4. Glass Break detectors – available for whole rooms as well as individual levels. They detect the vibration and tone of breaking glass to reduce false alarms and make you aware.
  5. Temperature sensors. These sensors can be programmed for specific temperatures so you have advanced notification of warning levels and leaving plenty of time to react!
  6. Key fobs – yes!  You can get keyfobs to remotely arm/disarm your system so no more walking into the house with your arms full and having the system yell at you.
  7. I don’t have a phone and I don’t want one. You don’t have to have one. Systems can report via cell, radio or internet.
  8. Fire devices – yes!  Smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide, gas detectors

Do I have to have it all? No, that’s the very best part. Your system is built to your specifications. Devices can be added now or later. It is your system and it works for you.

Now imagine what happens when you bring a smartphone into the mix.

Contact a Cunningham Security representative today to find affordable systems with no surprises, no fine print and fixed monitoring rates.