Honeywell is a large technology company that has many specialties, from aerospace to health care. An industry giant in the world of home and commercial security, Honeywell offers a variety of home security devices to help protect your home. But how did Honeywell get its start in this industry? And what does it offer to customers?

The History of Honeywell

Honeywell saw its initial start not as a security company, but as a water heating company. In 1906, the Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. was formed in Wabash, Indiana. Mark Honeywell, the young engineer who founded the company, had previously perfected hot water heat generators for his plumbing and heating business, and expanded to a heating specialty company. Honeywell has had quite a history prior to expanding into further industries such as security; over 16,000 Honeywell parts went into the electronic devices that made up the Stabilization and Control Systems during the moon landing, on Apollo 11!

Honeywell may have gotten its start in 1906 selling water heating products, but it would soon burgeon into the security system industry in 1969. The company was not met with success as they branched into this new market, struggling to find a foothold in the rapidly growing, competitive world of security systems. Before Honeywell’s entry into this field, the Alarm Device Manufacturing Company, or Ademco, had a very good foothold in the marketplace. Ademco had been manufacturing security equipment since 1929. In 1963, the Pittsburgh Railway Company, later known as Pittway, purchased Ademco, and in 2000, Honeywell acquired Pittway and Ademco, finally allowing the company to rise in the security marketplace, quickly becoming an industry leader.

Honeywell Products and Services

What does a Honeywell home security system come with? A variety of security packages and bundles are available for purchase from Honeywell, each with different components making up the system. The Smart Home Security Starter comes equipped with a camera base station with Amazon Alexa, 2 door/window sensors, and a remote control key fob. A Starter Kit with C1 Camera Bundle contains everything in the Smart Home Security Starter, but with a c1 Wi-Fi Security Camera included as well. The Super Smart Home Security kit is its most in-depth, with everything included in the C1 Camera Bundle, plus a T5 smart thermostat, and a water leak and freeze detector.

Additional products are also available, which can be easily connected to existing Honeywell security systems. These items include indoor and outdoor motion detectors, wireless sirens, additional Wi-Fi Security Cameras, and doorbell cameras.

Honeywell motion sensors are a combination PIR and Microwave motion detector, promising minimal false alarms, thanks in part to the necessity of needing to trip both alarms before anything is set off. With high detection coverage, anti-mask technology, and white light immunity, intruders will have a difficult time finding ways around a Honeywell motion detector. All Honeywell products can be controlled from the All-in-One ProSeries Panel, allowing for simple arming and disarming of a system with the simplicity of a touch screen.

Honeywell’s door and window sensors, like with all security systems, are a major component in protecting your home. Honeywell’s door and window sensors come equipped with a feature called One-Go-All-Go. The beauty of this feature is that whenever one sensor sounds off when detecting danger, all sensors will begin to go off in the house. All monitored sensors will then send automatic alerts, with audible, visible, and even verbal alerts to the user.

Honeywell’s security cameras provide high quality live video in a wide angle, with a variety of options for alert zones, night vision ranges, camera resolutions and digital zoom. Smart sound detection built into the cameras can even tell the difference between noises, alerting users to anything from crying babies to smoke alarms. Extra sensitivity can be placed with the alert zones, so that doors and windows are monitored with more sensitivity to ignore background motion and avoid false alarms. When unusual activity is detected, the technology in the camera begins recording 5 seconds before the event to ensure that what it alerted the user about is truly a danger so the user can act accordingly.

Where Honeywell lacks compared to other security companies comes from installation. Honeywell doesn’t offer professional installation for any of their products, so users unable to install more complex devices on their own will need to track down local companies to install the products for them.

Honeywell systems are incredibly customizable, allowing for products to be put in and taken out of a given system at any time. Users will have to self-monitor their homes with Honeywell, which can conveniently be done from Honeywell’s app. A very versatile company, their work in the security system market cannot be downplayed. A long history of home security and a number of products to protect the home, Honeywell provides an excellent product for home and commercial security needs.